img_0740Amani Fitzgerald is a 21-year-old, creative freelance writer born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is currently alumni at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas majoring in Secondary Education with a Social Sciences Teaching Field. She has an anticipated graduation date of December 2018 and plans to begin teaching high school American History while obtaining her Master’s Degree in Journalism. She is published in HerHeartPoetry Literary Magazine 2016 by Rayna Holloway for her poem, “Your Heart Was In My Pocket.” She is also a featured writer on Feminal Magazine. Although poetry and prose are her creative writings of choice, she also aims to expand her work to content/personal blog posts, essays, and printed cards. Inspired by personal experiences, culture, history, social events and literature, she delves into intimate moments captured on paper. Separation of personal emotions and paper is very thin for A. Fitzgerald, but she also tackles larger and more controversial issues within her writing from social inequity, mental illness, and American beauty standards. Her main works are centered around themes of love, life, femininity, existentialism, reflection, and loss ranging from free-verse poetry to short stories. She is currently working on her first collection which is expected to be published by the end of 2017.

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A. Fitzgerald has been writing since the age of nine. She draws her inspiration from traumatic, moving, and monumental events in her life, as well as the tribulations of others. She experienced separation amongst her family at a young age and developed writing as a coping mechanism, where she could express herself freely. Today, she still writes to release accumulated emotions in hopes to healthily battle depression. Even with judgment, A. Fitzgerald writes to the world in hopes to connect the community, encourage humility, bring awareness to featured social topics, and ultimately express herself. A. Fitzgerald lives behind the idea that “you are not human if you are never hurting.” Through writing, A. Fitzgerald is inspired by the very things that are often feared and misconceived: the confrontation of love, death, and war.

“You are not human if you are never hurting.”