cropped-a96bc5c3-4dbc-48d7-9e13-74c65a577bd41.jpgAmani Fitzgerald is a twenty-two year-old poet and freelance writer based in the Las Vegas, Nevada. Identifying as a black female poet, Fitzgerald delves into the everyday experiences, emotions, and interactions of black and brown women. Addressing a variety of diverse topics ranging from first crushes, romantic love interests, and personal lessons of morality, she aims to capture emotions in their purest form using empathy when listening to the stories of others. She is published in HerHeartPoetry Literary Magazine 2016 by Rayna Holloway for her poem, “Your Heart Was In My Pocket” and also makes a contribution as a featured writer in Feminal Magazine 2017. As she continues her lifelong practice and passion of writing, she aims to publish her first collection of poetry and prose by the end of 2018.