Friendships are difficult and downright draining when you are a ‘bleeding heart.’ people come your way for comfort, advice, insight, but often find it draining to be around someone who feels “too much” of everything. you are a vessel for others, as well as yourself, which keeps your mind and heart on edge, a day on end. your ability to feel cannot be shut off (until the day you transcend to a different place). you are the embodiment of empathy, and you spill your insides in hopes someone will look at the heap and be able to dissect it. they poke at all that is you and see one thing – pity.

These are people you have grown to know quite well, and you figure they would be able to understand where you are coming from (at least, to an extent). you begin spilling all kinds of beans, and you are slipping on them right in front of company. now, they know your business. they simply reply,

“I’m sorry!”

as if that is what you were looking for. As if you searched for anything, at all. You knew you were not searching for an apology or an automated reply out of pity. all you knew is that you hurt, everywhere. all the time. and you needed someone there. As more of these bodies come and go, you meet the same person dozens of times. your hurt heightens and subsidies, but never disappears. You begin to wonder how many others have the ability to see through different eyes. how many others place a hand on the heart without ever touching. many feel pity, some are compassionate, and rarely any are empathic.

With pity, comes an uneasy feeling. pity makes people feel a burden has been placed on them by making them uncomfortable. this is the response of “I feel for you.” pity is less connection, and far more shallow than that of compassion or empathy.

With compassion, comes the ability to care about others. people who will come help you if you call them without any understanding or questions – simply because they care. caring people are common, and they usually put a smile on your face during the toughest days when you are stuck in the worst of situations.

With empathy, you are able to place yourself in “uncomfortable” perspectives (through nature). you are able to sense emotions thoroughly and are usually able to understand your own extraordinarily well. these people are seen as heaven-sent or hell-bent due to their ability to hone in on expressing emotion. people who lose empathy are sponges and show compassion and understand. these people will never feel sorry for you.

Well? I am sorry, but – I suppose you need to hone your emotions and energies in again. Pull the gate back in. attract those who feel you, better, thoroughly, wholly.